Dear Dr. Andler

I can help your patients in the event of an emergency – when they might need my services as a plastic surgeon.

The Problem for Children in Massachusetts

I’ve been practicing in Massachusetts for over five years, and I’ve found that far too many children with facial lacerations or broken noses are suffering needlessly. They frequently endure the frustration of significant delays in receiving treatment, and when they do receive treatment, it is often inadequate. 

Current Treatment of Broken Noses: An Example

I know of many children who are presented to the Emergency Room with a fractured nose and do not undergo a nasal reduction in the Emergency Room under local anesthesia.

Immediate nasal reduction under local anesthesia is not only a less invasive way to reduce the nasal bones (which are easier to mobilize after a fresh fracture), but also a reliable immediate way to definitively fix the problem at that initial ER visit. They, instead, are commonly referred to a surgeon to manage this injury as an outpatient, thereby delaying treatment for their nasal fracture. During that time, the nasal bones subsequently fuse in a displaced fashion and force the patient to undergo a more invasive nasal reduction under general anesthesia to re-break the nose for definitive repair.

I discovered this not only from my experiences in the emergency rooms, but also from my interactions with pediatricians. Especially those who did not have a consistent referral source for their patients’ emergency plastic surgery needs.

The Challenge for Pediatricians

Both pediatricians and concerned parents have made me aware that many community hospitals simply do not have access to board-certified plastic surgeons willing to provide immediate, expert care for children in the case of an emergency. In such instances, emergency room house staff have to resort to either addressing the injury themselves or transferring the child to a university hospital, delaying care further and adding more anxiety to an already stressful situation.

Current Referral Networks

Many pediatricians I know, and have spoken with, have referred their patients to Boston Children’s or University Hospitals. We recognize that these hospitals are are among the best of their kind in the country.

However, patients at these hospitals receive treatment from interns or junior residents, often with a lengthy delay. They rarely receive immediate care from a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon.

How I Can Help Your Patients in Emergencies

  • Achieve the best Cosmetic Outcome possible.
  • Prevent longer recovery times by fixing injuries in the Emergency Room.
  • Provide immediate care – even on nights and weekends.

I have been, and still am, committed to solving the problem of inadequate pediatric emergency care. In the last few years, I have taken care of hundreds of children who have suffered facial injuries from bicycle accidents, dog bites, and a variety of other means.

These are Real Smiles from Real Patients Immediately After Treatment

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My goal is to be the plastic surgeon that you, your patients, and their parents can trust with expert and immediate treatment. To achieve this goal, I would like to offer you my personal cell number and a guarantee that I will be fully available for you and your patients.

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