Hi laaauraaa, thank you for leaving a review of your consultation experience with Dr. Markarian’s office.

I am sorry to hear that your experience was not what you or we would have hoped for. Thank you for raising a number of areas in which we could improve the consultation experience in the future, I will explain our processes to shine some light on the situation and to help future patients in their understanding too.

As far as wait times are concerned, this is a known area of the practice that we are constantly striving to improve. We understand that waiting for 45 minutes for an appointment without being communicated with is not indicative of a positive experience. Dr. Markarian often sees his new and existing patients from 8am through 5:30pm and given the nature of the work he performs, he can sometimes be delayed for lengthy periods, especially later in the day. We will endeavour to communicate with future patients if there is likely to be a delay in their appointment time.

Dr. Markarian is extremely proud to offer complimentary consultations to his patients, something which is not an industry standard. He offers free consultations to remove the financial barrier for potential patients. Unfortunately, a minority of scheduled consultations have been cancelled at extremely late notice in the past and this has presented other problems. To reduce this, when a potential patient books a consultation, a charge will be made initially to verify the card and then a full refund is given if the consultation is completed. We understand that this transition may be an inconvenience. This process, however, has allowed us to reduce our waiting list for consultations and ensure potential patients are seen quicker.

I would also like to sympathize with the uneasy feeling you had during your experience. Dr. Markarian tries to develop a rapport with his patients and he advises them that the gut feeling they have about a surgeon is extremely important in their decision-making process. We are sorry that your feeling in this instance was not a positive one and we wish you the best in your plastic surgery journey.

–        George