55-64 year old woman

2 months after Facelift surgery

The goals of a facelift (rhytidectomy) are to reduce fine lines and deep facial folds, to eliminate “jowling” and sagginess created by loose muscles or excess skin and fat, and to restore a sharper, firmer-looking jaw line and eliminate “neck wattles”.


18-24 year old woman

1 month post-op from Rhinoplasty surgery

She underwent a dorsal hump reduction and tip refinement with correction of her nasal tip asymmetry.

The goals of a Rhinoplasty are to enhance or reduce the nasal bridge, to adjust the angle and definition of the nasal tip, to redefine the apparent length of the nose, and to restore nose shape after trauma or injury, with the overall goal to create a more balanced natural facial appearance which complements the rest of the face.

25-34 year old woman

6 months post-op from Rhinoplasty surgery

Dorsal hump reduction was performed with subtle tip refinement involving cartilage modification and grafting.  One of my primary goals in a rhinoplasty is to always try and preserve a natural looking result.

25-34 year old woman

6 weeks post-op from Rhinoplasty surgery

Dorsal hump reduction was performed, in addition to deprojection of the nasal tip, and tip rotation to improve her nasal droop both at rest and when smiling. Multiple cartilage grafts were performed to help provide long term stability and help provide a natural result.