Breast Implant Removal

Patients request Breast Implant Revision for a variety of reasons. Dr. Markarian has treated patients who wanted further Breast Augmentation and patients suffering with capsular contracture, deflated implants or breast asymmetry.

Ideal Candidates for Breast Implant Removal Surgery

Women consider Breast Implant Revision for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Symmetry improvements.
  • Further augmentation and larger implants.
  • Replacing deflated implants
  • Treating capsular contracture symptoms.
  • Sagging or droop breasts and loss of upper pole fullness.

Often the goals of breast implant removals and replacements are to achieve a softer, fuller, naturally flattering breast contour, to turn around the negative effects of pregnancy, weight loss, or aging on breast shape. Many women also want to improve breast asymmetry, to repair the disappointing effects of prior surgeries, and to enhance their self-esteem and confidence.

Breast Shape and Fullness Restoration

A woman in her 30s is shown 6 weeks after Breast Implant Revision of a prior surgery performed years earlier by another surgeon. Her pre-operative photograph shows breast droop and loss of upper pole fullness despite prior placement of breast implants. A minimally invasive technique was utilized to perform Breast Implant Revision with new implants placed under the muscle, and small 1 inch incisions were placed under the breast. This improved both her breast droop and upper pole fullness without any other incisions.

Further Augmentation

A woman in her 30s underwent Breast Implant Revision and requested larger breasts and improvement in asymmetry. A Breast Implant Revision was performed with silicone implants placed underneath the muscle. This resulted in fuller breasts and improvement in her asymmetry. A minimal incision technique was utilized with a small incision camouflaged along the lower border of the areola. No additional incisions were made. Postoperative photographs show her results 3 weeks after surgery.

Implant Deflation

A woman in her 30s suffered deflation of prior saline breast implants placed by another surgeon. Her right breast implant was completely deflated and her left breast implant had contracture causing an obvious deformity and asymmetry. Breast Implant Revision was performed with new silicone breast implants placed underneath the muscle. Additionally, the prior scarred capsule was removed and improvement in symmetry was appreciated. She is seen here 3 weeks postoperatively.

Treating Capsular Contracture

Capsular Contracture is when a hard capsule forms around the implant. This can caused pain, tightness and discomfort for women in their chest.

This patient in her early 40s and shown 6 weeks after a breast implant revision surgery for capsular contracture. 240cc high profile implants were removed, significant capsular excision and modification was performed, and the old implants were exchanged for moderate profile silicone implants – 575cc on the right, and 600cc on the left.