Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy)

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, surgically lifts and reshapes the breasts in order to look more youthful, shapely, and firm. 

What is a Breast Lift?

As women age or undergo pregnancy their breasts can sag and droop in position causing some women to desire surgery to lift the breast’s position and give a rounder and firmer appearance. Some Boston breast lift patients also desire alterations to the areola or nipple such as lifting their position on the breast or reducing their size. The medical term for a breast lift is mastopexy surgery and the procedure is increasing in popularity as the number of procedures performed in America has increased by 65% from 2000 to 2020 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

What are the different types of Breast Lift?

When you meet with Dr. Markarian, he will assess your breast shape and position to determine the degree of sagging, explain your options, and recommend an approach focused on your aesthetic goals. Surgeons have developed three “basic” surgical techniques for different degrees of breast sagging which will lead to a “circle”, “lollipop”, or “anchor” incision scar. 

Circle Breast Lift

An incision line is only made in a circle around the areola so the results are less significant than traditional breast lift procedures and so only mild concerns over sagging will be addressed meaning it is not suitable for patients who desire a drastic lift. Furthermore, mini breast lifts tend to only be suitable for patients who have small or medium-sized breasts.

Lollipop Breast Lift

This is a more extensive breast lift procedure that aims to address more moderate concerns of sagging. An incision line is made in a circle around the areola, then a further incision line is made that runs directly down the middle of the breast. The additional vertical incision allows for more of the breast tissue and skin to be accessed so a more extensive lift can be performed. 

Anchor Lift 

The lollipop incision lines are made and an additional incision line is created across the bottom of each breast forming an anchor shape. The procedure, therefore, allows for a significant lift and removal of excess skin so is suitable for patients with more severe cases of breast ptosis, such as grade three where the breasts have significant sagging and dropping. Due to the fact, the technique is the most extensive, it has the longest recovery time and more significant scarring.

Dr. Markarian has the advanced aesthetic training to combine the techniques that will offer the best results for your body. He can also explain the special measures he takes to minimize scarring and achieve a high aesthetic standard for each patient.

Breast Lift without implants

Breast lift procedures are often carried out as a single procedure for patients who are happy with the volume of their breasts and only have concerns regarding sagging. The procedure consists of making incision lines around the areola and sometimes then down across the breast so that the excess skin can be removed and the breasts will be re-positioned and re-shaped. Depending on the type of breast lift technique being used, the areola may be reduced or repositioned before the incision lines are closed with stitches. 

Breast Lift with implants

Many Boston breast lift patients have concerns regarding both the position and the size of their breasts and so choose to undergo a breast lift and breast implant procedure. Both pregnancy, weight loss, and aging can lead to a decrease in breast volume as well as cause the breasts to sag. These two surgeries are therefore frequently combined so that both these concerns can be addressed in one procedure.  

The surgery is carried out by creating the incision lines made for a typical breast lift procedure, around the areola and then down and under the breast if needed so that the excess skin can be removed and the breasts can be lifted and re-shaped. The breast implants are then inserted into each breast before the incision lines are closed using stitches.

Dr. Markarian will help advise on whether the combination of these two procedures is most suitable for your personal goals and recommend the best type of implants for your aims and new shape and breast position. For more information on undergoing a Breast Augmentation procedure, you can view our Breast Augmentation FAQs Blog.

Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery

Women consider breast lift surgery for a variety of reasons and may have a number of goals, including to:

  • Restore breast shape and position after pregnancy or weight loss
  • Correct downward-pointing or uneven nipples
  • Reduce overly-large areolas
  • Create a more confident, body contour that harmonizes with the rest of the body
  • Complement breast enhancement procedures to give a fuller, lifted, and more youthful breast contour
  • Address breast ptosis

Breast ptosis

It is natural for the breast tissue to lose elasticity and sag over time, but after pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight loss the rate of sagging can be accelerated and increased. The medical name for breast tissue that has sagged or dropped is breast ptosis. There are three grades of breast ptosis which refer to the extent of dropping and the position of the areola. 

Breast ptosis grades

Grades are used to describe the extent of dropping so that it is easier to establish which type of breast lift surgery will likely be most suitable. Grade 1 is used to refer to the mildest extent of dropping where the areolas have sagged to a lower position on the chest. Grade 3 refers to a more significant dropping where the areola is pointing towards the ground.

Dr. Markarian is a Harvard-trained Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who personalizes every procedure as each patient’s satisfaction is the focus of each breast lift (mastopexy) procedure. His patients appreciate the care he takes to understand their needs from their perspective. With his sophisticated measuring systems, artistic talent, experience, and advanced surgical training, Dr. Markarian always seeks to provide his patients with the highest levels of care even in particularly demanding or complex situations. 

Boston Breast Lift Cost

According to RealSelf the average cost of a breast lift procedure is $8,025 and ranges up to $14,000. Often this cost will not include all the surgical fees, so the total cost of the procedure can be more than this. The type of breast lift technique will significantly impact the overall price of your surgery. Less extensive breast lift procedures, that only achieve a minor lift, will cost less than more drastic breast lift procedures where the areolas and nipple are reduced and repositioned. 

Undergoing breast implant surgery alongside a breast lift will increase the cost of the procedure. However, combining the two procedures will be significantly cheaper than undergoing them separately as all surgeon and facilities fees will only need to be paid once. 

You can find out the exact cost of your procedure during your breast lift consultation when the specific technique and alterations have been decided. 

Breast Lift Recovery

Initially, after the surgery, you will likely experience pain and will need an adult to drive you home and stay with you for the first couple of days. Potential side effects such as swelling and some bruising will be most prominent during the first week following the procedure. Generally, surgeons advise that patients wear a compression garment following a breast lift to help with swelling. 

After two weeks many Boston Breast Lift patients are able to return to work and continue normal activities. Within four to six weeks patients should be able to return to all exercise and should be fully healed from the procedure. However, the scars will still take time to fade and the final result of the procedure will take months to be completely visible due to side effects such as swelling continuing for a few months after the procedure.

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If you are considering undergoing a breast lift procedure you should book a consultation with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who has extensive experience and expertise in performing breast lift procedures. It is also important to perform your own research into the various breast lift techniques and options so that you are aware of the recovery process and risks of the procedure.

Patient Results

Dr. Markarian strives to provide exceptional results for his breast lift patients in terms of skin smoothness and natural appearance. In providing natural-looking results, he gives patients healthy expectations and prepares individualized procedure plans to meet their breast enhancement goals.

A young woman with tuberous breasts is shown 3 months after a breast lift with 300cc implants.  The typical components of tubular/tuberous breasts include a widened areola, constricted/shortened lower pole (i.e. area between your nipple and inframammary fold), herniation of breast tissue through the nipple-areola complex, and a narrow breast base. 
This young woman had elements of a tubular breast and underwent an implant to fill out and expand the lower pole of her breasts with a surgical release of the constricting bands of the lower pole. Additionally, she underwent a breast lift to improve the nipple positioning and reduce the size of her areola. 
Her breast appearance improved significantly.

A young woman in her 20s is shown 7 months after a breast lift with 225cc silicone implants.

A woman in her 20s is shown after a breast lift with implants for Tuberous Breasts. This is a condition where there are varying degrees of the following hallmark characteristics: a constricted breast, a deficient lower pole, and breast tissue “telescoping” through an enlarged areola.  An anchor breast incision was used with 350cc silicone implants placed under the muscle utilizing a dual-plane technique.  The areola was narrowed, and the lower pole of the breast was expanded with the placement of the implant, combined with radial scoring of the lower pole breast tissue.