We’re thrilled to announce the expansion of renowned Boston plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Markarian’s practice to Miami Beach, Florida.

In addition to his stellar practice in Boston, he’s now bringing his top-notch care to the sunny shores of Miami. This is an exciting opportunity for him to spread his expertise to a brand new community while maintaining the same level of excellence his Boston patients love him for.

Have any questions about this new expansion?
Dr. Markarian has happily answered some FAQs about his Miami venture below!

Where will you be operating?

Miami Beach Surgery Center
400 W 41st Street, Suite 512
Miami Beach, FL 33140

P: (305) 363- 4400
F: (305) 363-4484

Where will I go to see you for a consultation?

The initial consultation will be virtual – done every Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning.  You may call 781-816-2472 (and press 1) for a complimentary virtual consultation. 

If you would like to move forward with surgery, we will book your surgery and see you in the Miami Beach office location for your in-office consultation on the day of surgery — 4308 Alton Rd # 720, Miami Beach, FL 33140.  Afterwards, you will go to the Miami Beach Surgery Center just a few minutes away for your surgery.

What days of the month/week will you be in Miami versus Boston?

I will be operating in Miami and seeing patients for follow up in Miami on select weekends.

Will you be offering all the same procedures you do in Boston?

Yes, I will.  (I am currently performing predominantly Rhinoplasties and Breast Augmentations in Miami – don’t know if I should mention that… this is my current plan because that requires the least amount of follow-up…)

How can I contact you to get scheduled for a Miami consultation?

Please call 781-816-2472 for a virtual consultation.

If you do my procedure right before you return to Boston, how will you be helping with my recovery?

You will recover in the Miami Beach Surgery Center immediately postoperatively and be discharged home the same day.  You will be given a full set of instructions on postoperative care.  I will be available to call for any concerns 24-7.

How will you help if any complications occur?

I will be present the entire weekend of your surgery and available for any immediate complications.  If a significant concern arose during the week, my plastic surgery colleague (and close friend of 20 years), Dr Benjamin Cousins, would provide coverage for any emergencies.  As always, all my patients have my personal cell phone #, and I am available to call 24-7.

Will pre and post-operative appointments be on the same schedule as when you’re in Boston?

The initial preoperative consultation would be virtual.  If you choose to move forward with surgery, the second consultation will be in-person, in the Miami Beach office on the day of surgery.  Post-operatively, you will have regular checkups in the Miami Beach office as you would in Boston.

Do you know anyone in Miami who can help me while you’re in Boston and vice versa if necessary?

Dr Benjamin Cousins will be available to address any in-person concerns in Miami if I am out of town.  For my Boston patients who may have any concerns, I will have different plastic surgeons covering me if I’m out of town, as I currently do.

Will your team be the same as your Boston team or do you have different people helping you in Miami? Who will I be interacting with throughout my journey?

The preoperative team will be the same.  On the day of surgery, you will meet the experienced staff at the Miami Beach office and at the Miami Beach Surgery center.

If I were to schedule a consultation now, how soon could I get booked for my surgery in Miami?

As long as you have clearance from your Primary Care Physician, we can book your surgery in less than a month.