Facial Balancing

Unfortunately, many patients feel that there is some disproportion in their facial appearance. Dr. Markarian uses facial balancing to create a refined and balanced facial aesthetic for his patients.

What is Facial Balancing?

Facial balancing is a concept that refers to having dermal filler applied to various aspects of the face to achieve a more balanced and proportional facial appearance. The procedure is completely unique to each individual since it depends on the patient’s facial features and goals. 

Dermal fillers are often used to enhance one specific facial feature, such as the lips. However, many patients have concerns over multiple aspects of their face that they feel are causing an imbalanced appearance. Dr. Markarian examines the patient’s entire face to give a personalized facial balancing treatment plan. This will generally involve using dermal fillers, in varying quantities, on multiple facial features to enhance the overall balance of each patient’s face. 

Since facial balancing only uses dermal fillers, patients with additional concerns regarding a particular facial feature, such as their nose, may wish to consider Facial Symmetry Surgery as this procedure can combine the use of dermal fillers with surgical procedures to help create the desired facial balance.

Why people have Facial Balancing treatments

Many of us have concerns over aspects of our face appearing imbalanced, but because facial balancing is a highly individualized procedure, the reasons for desiring the treatment often vary. 

Facial proportions– The ideal facial ratios are often regarded as having well-proportioned sections of the face, where the forehead, nose, and chin each make up a ⅓ of the face. Some patients have concerns that a section of their face is out of proportion and desire treatment to enhance this area.

Profile balancing – Some patients have specific concerns over their facial features appearing imbalanced when they are viewed from their side profile. Here, the focus of the treatment is on balancing the facial features from the side profile, which tend to include alterations to the chin, nose, jawline, lips, and cheeks.

Balancing specific facial features – Many patients have particular concerns regarding specific facial features that they feel are not in proportion to the rest of their face.  For example, some patients feel their chin and cheekbones are too small compared to their other facial features and undergo facial balancing treatments to enhance these specific areas. Dr. Markarian will assess the entire face before any treatment to determine all areas which are necessary to achieve the desired result and ensure all features are well-balanced. 

Facial symmetry – Some patients have concerns over facial asymmetry and desire more dermal filler to be added to one side of the face to ensure a more balanced and symmetrical appearance. For many patients facial balancing can produce this result, but in some cases, surgical procedures are necessary to provide their ideal outcome.

Ideal candidates

Anyone concerned with facial imbalances or other specific concerns listed above are potentially suitable candidates for facial balancing. Typically, good candidates for any facial dermal filler procedure are those who:

  • Have good physical health
  • Do not smoke
  • Look after the health of their skin
  • Have realistic expectations 


The specific benefits of the procedure will depend on the areas that are treated and the goals of the patient. General benefits of facial balancing treatments tend to be:

  • Achieving a more balanced and proportioned facial appearance 
  • Having immediately visible results 
  • Achieving natural-looking results that help contour the face 
  • Achieving a more youthful complexion since dermal fillers are often used for patients with concerns of aging or wrinkles
  • Avoiding invasive surgery 
  • That the procedure itself is simple and the recovery time is minimal 
  • The treatment costs are generally low compared to surgical procedures 
  • There are minimal risks of the procedure 


Most side effects from dermal fillers occur immediately after the procedure and tend to be minor issues that resolve themselves. For example, bruising or swelling are normal reactions to something being injected into the skin. Plasticsurgery.org state the potential risks as:

  • Acne 
  • Asymmetry 
  • Bruising, bleeding, and swelling 
  • Potential for scarring
  • Lumps

There are also very minimal risks of infections, inflammatory reactions, filler leakage, nodules (abnormal tissue growth), injury to blood vessels, tissue death, or blindness.

How is Facial Balancing performed?

Firstly, during the consultation, Dr. Markarian will carry out a thorough assessment of your facial features. This ensures that the treatment is tailored to your specific features, proportions, and desired look. Facial balancing is a simple procedure that consists of inserting dermal fillers (soft, gel-like substances) into the skin. Fillers can be inserted into multiple areas of the face including under the eyes, the cheekbones, the lips or chin.

The area is first cleaned, and any pain management treatments are applied (this can include numbing cream, anesthetic ointment, or local anesthesia). The dermal filler is then injected into the desired area of the face. This can take several minutes up to an hour depending on the number of areas being treated. After the treatment, the skin can be cleansed, and an ice pack applied to help reduce swelling. Recovery tends to be quick and there is minimal pain resulting from the treatment.

How long do the results of Facial Balancing last?

Since facial balancing uses dermal fillers, it is not a permanent solution for balancing the face, as the filler gets absorbed by the body over time. The main factor that impacts the longevity of the treatment is the type of dermal filler used. According to healthline, some dermal fillers last only 5-7 months (Restylane-L) while other fillers can last up to five years (Bellafill). Dr. Markarian typically uses Voluma fillers, which tend to last around 2 years or longer if top-up treatments are performed.

The exact length of time dermal fillers last also depends on the area of the face that filler is applied to and how quickly your body absorbs the filler. In your consultation, Dr. Markarian will discuss the specific dermal filler which will be used and give you an indication of how long the results will last.

No fillers are permanent, so surgical procedures would need to be undertaken to achieve any longer-lasting results.

Facial Balancing cost

The cost of facial balancing treatments heavily depends on the type of filler used, the number of areas treated and the quantity of dermal filler used. The price for a syringe of Voluma is $1,200 and a patient may require 10 treatments to achieve the desired result.

Dr. Markarian will provide an estimated cost for your facial balancing treatment at your consultation, based on the planned number of treatment areas and the expected quantity of filler needed.

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Facial balancing treatments use dermal fillers to balance areas of the face and enhance features that patients feel out of proportion with the rest of their face. The procedure is simple, effective and can enhance your facial appearance and balance for years. 

If you are interested in learning more about this procedure you can book a virtual consultation with Dr. Markarian so an individual assessment can take place. During the consultation, Dr. Markarian will answer any questions and discuss any specific goals or concerns you may have.