Abdominal etching is a groundbreaking liposuction technique for sculpting “six-pack abs”.  Abdominal etching is a specialized form of liposculpture which selectively removes fat to create a rippled abdomen and sculpted waist. Originally developed for body builders, nowadays abdominal etching is sought by both men and women who desire more defined stomach muscles. The procedure is particularly popular among men who are struggling to achieve the desirable washboard look with exercise alone.

Personalize Your Procedure

Dr Markarian will personalize your procedure – Dr. Markarian performs both modified etching and full abdominal etching. Many patients undergo the modified procedure, which etches in the linea alba (midline of the “six pack”) and the outline of the rectus muscle (the outer borders of the “six pack”). For body builders and other patients with well-developed existing musculature, Dr. Markarian performs the full abdominal etching where he also etches in transverse inscriptions and horizontal lines for the full six-pack effect.  Dr. Markarian will make one or more tiny inconspicuous incisions, through which he will insert a small hollow tube (cannula) to suction fat. Dr. Markarian generally uses liposculpture techniques to emulsify and remove fat, but may also use SmartLipoTM to achieve more dramatic etching.

Having Liposculpture Surgery

The abdominal etching procedure is performed under general anesthesia, typically lasts 1-2 hours, and most of the incisions are hidden in the body’s natural creases, to minimize scarring.

To be a good candidate for the surgery, you should be within a normal weight range with isolated pockets of fat. Patients who exercise on a regular basis and/or have excellent skin tone will see faster results than those with softer contours.