Having feminine curves is fundamental for many women to feel confident in their bodies. By adding volume to the breasts, breast augmentation helps women who naturally never developed much breast tissue and women who have lost volume over time achieve a more feminine contour. According to Dan Teodorescu at Medium, women want larger breasts to appear more mature and feminine to not only those around them, but also to themselves.

After breast augmentation, many women report having increased confidence in their appearance, being able to wear clothes they weren’t comfortable in before, and having a better intimate life with their partners.

Goals Of Breast Augmentation

The first step to a successful breast augmentation is finding the best implant for you. Dr. Mark Markarian in Boston helps patients find their best implants based on their goals and what’s best aesthetically with their natural frame. Choosing implants involves making several decisions, each of which can make a big difference in your overall result. During your breast augmentation consultation, you’ll discuss:

  • Saline vs. silicone implants
  • Implant size
  • Implant shape (teardrop or round)
  • Implant material (textured or smooth)
  • Implant projection 
  • Implant placement (above or below the muscle)

When you consider each option above, your decision will determine whether your result will appear natural or noticeable and dramatic. Everyone has preferences and opinions about breast size, but many Boston breast augmentation patients seek results that give an extra boost to their breast size without looking overly obvious.

We typically recommend our patients have their implants placed under the muscle as this not only has a lower risk of capsular contracture but is also known to create a more natural-looking result that feels more consistent with natural, pre-augmentation breasts.

To give patients well-rounded, longer-lasting results from their breast surgery, Dr. Markarian recommends his patients with concerns over “deflated” and drooping breasts combine their breast augmentations with a breast lift. While breast augmentation alone gives patients their desired volume, if someone’s breasts have dropped out of their natural placement due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, or aging, a mastopexy is necessary to create perky, youthful-looking breasts.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, women who feel self conscious about both the saggy appearance and the size of their breasts can benefit from a breast lift with implants.

One of Dr. Markarian’s goals during breast augmentation is to place implants low in the breast so they can reach their final result sooner and not need as much of a “drop and fluff” phase.

Regarding incisions during breast augmentation, Dr. Markarian uses a “special” technique that conceals them in the future. During every breast implant surgery, he tries to predict where the new breast fold will be and places the incision there.

Gone are the days when everyone wanted breast implants over 500 CCs for the most dramatic, eye-catching look. While some women still prefer to have distinctively large breasts, most women seeking cosmetic breast surgery today simply want to add some subtle, natural volume to enhance their breasts just enough to feel confident in bikinis and types of clothing.

Is Breast Augmentation Worth It?

Breast augmentation has a 96% “worth it” rating on RealSelf, based on the reviews of thousands of women who have decided to enhance their breasts with implants. Are you considering breast augmentation and need proof that it can create beautiful results on any body type? Look no further. Here are 5 examples of patients Dr. Markarian has brought newfound confidence while maintaining a natural appearance with breast augmentation.

Increasing Busts While Maintaining Proportion To Natural Frames

6 weeks after a short-incision breast augmentation

Dr. Markarian helped this 5’7 woman in her late 20s achieve a natural enhancement that allows her to feel more confident in tight or revealing clothing and happier with a more feminine shape with dual-plane subpectoral placement of 275cc moderate plus profile silicone implants.

Dramatic Volume Increases Can Look Natural, Too!

6 weeks after a short-incision breast augmentation

This 5’7 woman in her early 30s wanted to increase the size of her breasts dramatically but wanted to do so without taking away from her natural frame. Dr. Markarian used specific placement and projection techniques to help her achieve much larger breasts without looking disproportionate to the rest of her body. He placed 450cc moderate plus profile silicone implants underneath her pectoral muscles. 

Correcting Asymmetries While Adding Volume

7 weeks after a short-incision breast augmentation

Just 7 weeks after Dr. Markarian delivered a dual-plane subpectoral placement of 350cc silicone Implants, this young woman’s breasts are already settling beautifully with her natural body shape. 

This patient wanted to do more to improve the appearance of her breasts than just add volume. To help her get the most out of her procedure, Dr. Markarian also did a dissection to the left breast in the plane between the breast and the pec muscle to window-shade the breast up and allow the lower areola on the left to elevate further and be more symmetric with the right areola.

Wear Bikinis In Confidence With Cleavage To Show Off

6 weeks after a short-incision breast augmentation

Before visiting Dr. Markarian, this beautiful 5’6 young woman in her early 20s didn’t feel confident in bikinis due to lack of cleavage. She sent these progress photos to our office 6 weeks after her short-incision breast augmentation with dual-plane sub-pectoral placement of 350cc Moderate Plus Profile silicone implants. Notice the gorgeous, natural shape of her new breasts and that the volume suits her frame and allows her to have some cleavage in her favorite bathing suit style.

Fixing Asymmetries Without Breast Lift Incisions

2 months after a breast augmentation with dual plane III

Many prospective patients ask Dr. Markatian if he can address their breast asymmetry with breast implants alone, without using the additional incisions needed for a breast lift.

The truth is, in skilled hands, you can! After placing 300cc moderate plus profile silicone implants in the sub-pectoral position during this patient’s breast augmentation, Dr. Markarian noticed the nipples and breast folds remained asymmetric. To address her asymmetries with minimal scarring, he used a “dual plane III” technique to raise the left nipple-areolar complex significantly more than he lifted the right, which underwent a “dual plane I” technique.

“Dual-planing” involves separating the pectoralis major muscle from the overlying breast tissue without adding the additional incisions needed for a breast lift. By separating the pec muscle from the breast tissue more significantly on the left (dual plane III), the pec muscle’s window-shading on the left raised the nipple-areolar complex enough to improve symmetry. To optimize breast symmetry, Dr. Markarian also used additional breast fold modification.

Ready For A Natural Breast Enhancement?

Dr. Mark Markarian is a Harvard-trained, board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeon with over 18 years of experience successfully delivering thousands of breast augmentations. During your consultation, Dr. Markarian will use various sizing tools to help you find the perfect implant size for your frame and your goals. If you’re considering adding or restoring volume to your breasts, schedule a consultation today to discuss your options and develop a customized surgical plan with Dr. Markarian.