Breast Reduction South Shore, Massachusetts

Women wish to undergo Breast Reduction Surgery to address medical or aesthetic concerns caused by having large breasts. For some women, having large breasts can cause them to feel insecure or struggle to find clothing that fits them well. Other South Shore breast reduction patients suffer from chronic pain in their back, neck, or shoulders due to the weight of their chest or can suffer from infections or rashes and have their ability to exercise impaired. Therefore, there are many benefits to a Breast Reduction procedure and for this reason, it has a 97% worth-it rating on RealSelf.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Since Breast Reduction surgery is performed on women with concerns caused by having a large chest, the surgery is undertaken to reduce breast size. This can be done by simply removing fat from the breasts, this technique is known as Breast Liposuction and is a popular choice for breast reduction if the patient has a high enough ratio of fat in their breasts.

However, breast reduction surgery is most commonly performed and consists of removing breast tissue from the chest to permanently reduced the size and weight of the breasts. In some cases, both breast liposuction is undertaken as well as the removal of breast tissue to achieve the ideal result. Breast tissue or fat can be removed in differing quantities from both breasts to solve any concerns of asymmetry and achieve a smaller and more symmetrical chest.

The breasts can be reduced by varying extents depending on the patient’s aims for the surgery. Frequently breast lifts can be combined with a breast reduction procedure so that the breasts are smaller, weigh less, and sit higher on the chest. This not only relieves medical issues caused by having large breasts but can also significantly increase a patient’s confidence and self-esteem.

For more information about Breast Reduction surgery you can view our blog about the most frequently asked questions.

How much does a South Shore, MA Breast Reduction surgery cost?

When researching a breast reduction procedure it is recommended that you contact your healthcare provider to see whether they will help to finance your procedure. Generally, plastic surgery procedures are not paid for by insurance providers. However, breast reduction surgeries are often performed to help resolve medical issues, so are frequently included in medical insurance policies. Depending on your individual circumstances and the particular health insurance policy you have, the entire surgery may be financed for you. Other individuals will receive partial funding for their procedure and so it is important to see what you qualify for before undergoing any surgery.

If you are undergoing breast reduction surgery for purely aesthetic reasons, it is unlikely your insurance will help pay for your procedure. There are various financing options available to patients to help them finance their procedure, as it is stated by RealSelf, that the average cost for a breast reduction procedure is over $7,000 in America.

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If you are considering Breast Reduction in South Shore, Massachusetts it is vital that you carry out thorough research and find an expert Breast Reduction surgeon that is Board Certified and that you feel comfortable with.

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