Back Lift

A back lift procedure is typically performed on patients who have concerns over excess or sagging skin that has accumulated across their back after they have lost weight. No amount of diet or exercise can remove this excess skin which is why many Boston back lift patients choose to undergo the procedure.

Back Lift Surgery

Boston back lift patients undergo the procedure to remove excess skin that has accumulated across a region of their back following significant weight loss. Back lift procedures have a 94% worth-it rating on RealSelf from patients who have undergone the procedure. Body Lift Procedures are frequently performed cosmetic procedures that can target multiple areas of the body to remove excess skin that has accumulated after a patient has lost a significant amount of weight. Some patients desire a full-body lift procedure as they have multiple areas of excess skin, for example on their abdomen, back, arms and thighs. In these cases, the patient may be suitable for a full-body lift procedure so that multiple areas of the body can be lifted in one surgery. 

However, specific lifting procedures also exist for patients who only have concerns over excess skin on one particular body area. These procedures can include an Arm Lift, a Thigh Lift, or a Tummy Tuck which are solely performed on the area stated. A back lift is another example of a specific lifting procedure that is performed on an area of a patient’s back. 

A back lift is performed, usually under general anesthesia, and will involve making a surgical incision on an area of the back so that the excess skin can be accessed. The specific size and location of the incision line will depend on how much excess skin is present and its location on the patient’s back. Dr. Markarian will show you the incision sites during your consultation so that you are aware of where your incisions will be. Any excess skin will then be removed from the back and the skin will be stitched together to achieve a flatter and tighter result across the patient’s back. 

Additionally, many Boston back lift patients undergo back liposuction alongside their back lift procedure, as a back lift is solely designed to remove excess skin and does not help to contour or sculpt the back. Therefore, combining liposuction on the back with a back lift procedure is often performed for patients who have concerns regarding excess fat and skin on their back.

Lower Back Lift Surgery

A lower back lift is a back lift procedure that simply focuses on removing excess skin from regions of a patient’s lower back. Since some back lift patients only have concerns regarding their hips, waist or love handles on their lower back they may not desire a full back lift. These patients may be suitable for just a lower back lift procedure as their concerns do not include any regions of their upper back.

This surgery is less extensive than a full back lift and will also cost less because less of the back is being operated on. A lower back lift can also be paired with liposuction of the lower back including liposuction of the love handles, hips, or waist.

It is important to note that lower back lift procedures are different from Lower Body Lift Procedures as this surgery refers to a body lift procedure that is combined with a Tummy Tuck Procedure so removes excess skin from the circumference of the lower body rather than just the back. 

Upper Back Lift

Other Boston back lift patients have concerns over loose or sagging skin that has accumulated across the upper regions of their back and so will only wish to undergo an upper back lift. RealSelf states that these patients have two different types of upper body lifts that they can undergo which include a vertical back lift or a bra line back lift. These two techniques differ in the type of concern they aim to treat and how they are surgically performed.

During your consultation, you will be able to discuss your areas of concern, learn about the various techniques, and receive expert recommendations from Dr. Markarian after he has assessed your situation and needs. 

Bra Line Back Lift

This surgery is performed on the area of the upper back and mid-back, the area where a bra tends to sit across the back, hence the surgery’s name. According to Healthline, a bra line back lift is performed to change the shape of a patient’s upper and mid-back as well as their waist. Additionally, they state that a bra line back lift tends to achieve more of a lift as well as a more tightened overall appearance. This specific technique tends to leave quite large scars due to the incision lines used. 

Vertical Back Lift 

A vertical back lift is also performed across the upper back and can also remove the skin from the upper abdomen to contour a patient’s figure. This surgical technique is performed by making vertical incisions that will reach from the hip bones up to the patient’s arm bones. This technique tends to achieve less significant results than a bra line back lift but removes sagging skin across more of the body including the upper abdomen and in some cases can achieve a slight breast lift. Therefore, a vertical back lift will be more suitable for patients who have a smaller amount of excess skin or who have concerns over excess skin in areas that extend beyond their upper back. 

Back Lift Scars

The specific placement and length of the incision lines can vary for different patients depending on the extent of lift they desire. During your consultation, Dr. Markarian will show you the placement of the incision lines for your specific back lift procedure so you will know where the scar will be and how big it is likely to be. However, it is not possible to predict the exact extent of scarring as every patient will heal differently and so some patients’ scars may heal and fade more than others. 

The main factor in determining the placement of the incision lines, and therefore the resulting scarring from a back lift procedure, will be the surgical technique performed: 

Bra Line Back Lift Scar

The incision line created for this technique is a horizontal line that sits across a patient’s bra line. The length of this incision line can vary depending on the extent of excess skin being removed. The scar created from this incision is often quite significant as the technique achieves a dramatic lift and result. Some patients may be put off a bra line procedure due to the extensive scarring or because the placement of the scar, across the bra line, means that the scar is more noticeable especially if a patient does not wear a bra. 

Lower Back Lift Scar

The incision line for a lower back lift is made in a vertical line across the bottom of a patient’s back so that the areas of the lower back can be accessed. For many patient’s this scar line can be easily hidden because it can be made low enough on the back that it will be covered by the patient’s underwear. During your consultation, you can have the incision lines drawn onto the area on your back so that you can see how visible the scar line will be.

Vertical Back Lift Scar

This back lift procedure requires two vertical incision lines and so the scarring from this procedure is viewed by some patients as being more significant than the scarring from the other type of back lift procedures, for example, a bra line lift has only one horizontal incision line. Despite this, the scarring from a vertical back lift can be viewed as preferable by some patients as it is less obvious as it runs down the sides of the back and the scars themselves are less extensive. 

Back Lift Surgery Cost in Boston

Healthline states that the price for a back lift procedure tends to range from between $2,000 to $16,000. This price range can vary so much as some patients will have surgery performed on a relatively small section of their back while others may have a full back lift, including the entire lower and upper back. However, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons states the average cost for back lifts as well as all types of body lifts as being $8,073. To find out how much your back lift in Boston will cost you will need to book a consultation with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon so they can assess your specific needs. 

Back Lift Before and After

6 month postop photos are shown following a circumferential body lift.  This consists of a combined tummy tuck and back lift.  Please note the skin laxity improvement of not just the abdomen and back, but also those of the lateral thighs.  All incisions are maintained below the underwear line and a natural “innie” belly button is created without visible incisions on the external skin.