Plastic surgeons in Boston have long witnessed the remarkable physical transformations that can be achieved with surgery to the nose and so it’s no surprise that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that nose job, or rhinoplasty, is still the most popular facial procedure patients are choosing today.

It’s a matter of professional pride that many Boston board certified plastic surgeons use the most advanced surgical and minimally invasive techniques. Many doctors are driven to create a natural look for their patients that brings more symmetry to their face and gives them the life-changing results they’ll love.

Patients electing to have aesthetic facial surgery now have access to procedures that can change their appearance in an outpatient appointment that only requires minimal recovery time of a few weeks.

But as well as refining their appearance, many are unaware that there are lots of other benefits to a nose job in Boston than changing just looks alone.

So as well as signing up for the nose you’ve always wanted – be prepared. You may enjoy these 5 surprising benefits from having a nose job in Boston too.

1. Easier breathing

Thanks to the role it plays in breathing, the nose has a huge influence on how well the body can take in oxygen and anything that affects the nasal passages can impede how much air we’re able to draw into our lungs.

Dr Alan Ruth, a Behavioural Medicine Practitioner, has studied the benefits of nose breathing and reports that around a third of people don’t breathe well enough for optimum health – which has an impact on our energy levels, our ability to function and the number of infections we get.

Some patients specifically undergo a septoplasty which is a medical procedure that surgeons carry out on the nose that’s often used to improve breathing.

One patient who couldn’t breathe from her left nostril because of a deviated septum and suffered from sinus infections and post nasal drip saw her life change after Dr Zoumalan in California operated. She said, “I had a full open rhinoplasty and septoplasty in July 2018. The experience was a breeze…. I kid you not, but I was able to breath better than I have my entire life the day after my surgery!”

Not all patients who elect to have a rhinoplasty will see a change to their breathing. But for the patients who visit their doctor for aesthetic surgery and find out during the consultation they have breathing issues, a dual procedure or septorhinoplasty can deliver them a win-win result.

One patient who visited Dr Ercan Karacaoglu said “I just came to make my nose more beautiful but the doctor found out that I had breathing problems too so he solved that problem. I’m very happy about that. And I’m very happy about my result I feel so much better about myself.”

Getting the right amount of oxygen into our systems has a positive impact on our energy levels, our ability to function and our overall health.

2. Better Sleep

If you’re breathing better, the quality of your sleep will improve too. Dr Ruth reports that a nose without clear passageways may mean you rely more heavily on your mouth to draw in oxygen through the night leading to snoring, dry mouth, sleep apnoea and other symptoms that disturb your rest.

One patient who went for a septoplasty said that post op, her situation radically improved, “I am so happy to have my quality of life back. I can breathe and smell, best part is I’m able to sleep. Dr Ardeshirpour is a miracle doctor. Total reconstruction was done on my nose…it can only get better.”

Another who had broken his nose noticed a radical difference after surgery with Dr Shumrick, “Feel great, back to the gym a few days ago (light weights and bike – no running). Most importantly, breathing better than I have in 10 years and sleeping great”.

3. New Things To Think About

It’s understandable that if you’re unhappy about your nose it can become a preoccupation – after all it is a focal point on the face. It can be difficult to ignore it when looking in the mirror or to not think about it when someone reaches for the camera.

Many patients, who had a nose job in Boston have reported their issue as being something they find difficult to forget about, but we all know worrying can take up lots of mental energy and can cause physical and mental stress. And let’s face it, that energy could be used for lots of other things like furthering a career, learning a new skill or having a more fun-filled social life.

One report in Scandinavia gathered data from 67 patients before, during and after rhinoplasty and found that the majority of patients had been absorbed with thoughts about their noses since puberty – some even said they had a severe complex. Post op, 91% reported being satisfied with their nose and nearly the same percentage said they would recommend the procedure to others. More than 60% said they felt life was easier, leading the report’s authors to conclude that, “successful rhinoplasty may change preoccupied patients’ lives, because the majority simply stopped thinking about their noses”,

So, finding the right board certified surgeon for you, and discussing the look you’re trying to achieve, may lead to a solution to a problem that’s been causing years of angst.

One patient said, “I had a life changing experience with Dr. Markarian!!! I was always insanely insecure about my nose for as long as I can remember. I was affected by it mentally .… (Now) my nose is incredible and I look and feel the way I’ve wanted to for so long, thanks to Dr. Markarian!”

4. More Confidence

There’s evidence to suggest that some people who don’t like their nose may have a tendency to avoid being around others. One study in Turkey found that for some people seeking rhinoplasty, “the concern of being evaluated by others, clear social anxiety of being observed by others, can lead to avoidance of attending social life”.

Dr Kotler, a surgeon in California, operated on one patient who said, “I used to feel that I was the ugliest of all my friends. When I went out with them I felt sorry for them that they had to be seen in public with such an ugly person. I have a small face. Huge noses and small faces are not a good combination. It made my nose look even bigger”

For many, aesthetic surgery addresses those concerns and brings more happiness.  Researchers in Germany studied the psychological effects of plastic surgery on around 550 patients and found that, “patients demonstrated more enjoyment of life, satisfaction and self esteem after their physical appearance had been surgically altered.”

Feeling happier about our appearance can naturally lead to a greater willingness to participate in social activities, meet new people and take on new challenges.

And after surgery, Dr Kotler’s patient noticed a clear difference in the way she felt about herself,  “I now look in the mirror and no longer feel that way. I am also getting a lot of compliments now. I’m not sure whether or not people have noticed that I had a nose job and think it’s not PC to mention it or they just notice something is different. People tell me things now like “Wow you look really good” Your make up looks really good today” I haven’t changed how I apply my make up though. Or “your eyes look so bright” “you look really bright today.”

According to surgery website,, 91% of patients say their operation was worth it and it’s easy to understand why.

5. New Opportunities

It may be as a result of a patient’s refined looks – or thanks to their new-found confidence – but some research claims that those who have had a nose job are perceived positively by others – which may reinforce self-esteem too.

One study even found that patients who’d undergone aesthetic surgery felt better about their work and colleagues, and that after their op, they found work to be less emotionally draining.

Feeling better about ourselves means we’re often more confident in how we approach life – leading to a more positive approach to getting out there, meeting challenges and better relationships at home and at work.

One blogger, Scarlett Dixon, reported that that following her recovery, “Well, actually — everything changed. Within the first month of having the procedure, I felt confident enough to experiment with makeup, and I landed a huge work opportunity! I also cut my hair for the first time in six years. (I’d wanted to grow it as long as possible to detract attention from my nose.) And, having experienced a breakup, I tried dating again. For the first time, I took a chance dating someone I’d never met before —previously, I’d only go on dates with people I’d met through friends”.

So, it’s fair to say that a nose job in Boston can give you the shape of nose you’ve always wanted – giving you a boost every time you look in a mirror or pose for a photo. But the chances are you may also experience lots of other emotional, social and career boosts too. And if you do – have you considered what you might do with all that extra feel-good factor? Why not check out what’s on in Boston Magazine and get some practise in now? Good times are out there already – and you don’t need to wait for the nose job.


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