“Should I get a round implant instead of an anatomic for a more natural look?”

This is a great question and I hear it often.

Short answer:  You can get a “natural” look with either round or anatomic breast implants and achieve a similar but not identical result.

Long answer:  This depends on a number of different issues including specific tissue characteristics, breast dimensions and the ultimate goal in both look and feel.  While “the look” may be discussed easier in an on-line forum, “the feel” has to be obviously discussed in person.

I don’t want to over-simplify things too much, but “natural” means different things to different people, and this takes into consideration a whole range of social and cultural preferences, and not to mention regional and geographic norms.

The best way to explore this is by a consultation in person with your plastic surgeon who will perform a through physical examination and clearly discuss your goals and outline a clear plan on how to achieve it.

Once that realistic goal is set, the rest of the process becomes much easier — you can then discuss implant type (desired size & shape), location of implant (above vs below the muscle) and incision used.