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The number of patients choosing to undergo a cosmetic procedure is continually rising and the American Society of Plastic Surgery reported that there was a total of 2,314,720 cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2020. Additionally, the number of procedures and the various surgical techniques are also continually increasing and improving as medical advancements are made.

Deciding to undergo surgery is a big decision and it is important that all potential Hartford, Connecticut plastic surgery patients have spent time considering their surgical goals. It is also essential that anyone planning on undergoing a procedure researches the specific procedure they want to undergo so they are aware of the various benefits, potential risks, and what the recovery period would be like. Furthermore, potential patients should then ensure they see at least one Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon to have a proper assessment and discuss their suitability for the procedure.

Most Requested Plastic Surgery Procedures

Breast Surgery

Body Surgery

Facial Plastic Surgery


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Any potential Hartford, Connecticut plastic surgery patients should ensure they meet with various Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons to gain significant and expert information on their procedure before undergoing surgery. Additionally, it is important that patients see a plastic surgeon who has specific expertise and experience in performing the surgery they wish to undertake.

For a no-obligation consultation, please contact our office. Before this consultation, we advise that our patients make a note of any questions they have regarding any aspect of the procedure and also have photos available of the desired result so that Dr. Markarian can be clear on their goals.

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What patients are saying

Dr. Markarian is personable, friendly and he really understands what the patient (me) wants. I have been to him three times for injections and he has always done a superb job. No pain, no swelling, no bruising. Within a week I look really natural – But- better!

Dr. Markarian is an extremely skilled and talented plastic surgeon. His warm personality made my entire experience pleasant and comfortable . I had no doubts or concerns about my procedure, because he had answered all my (at times annoying) questions.

I want to thank you for helping me with the implant surgery. It meant a lot to me to see how professional and caring you were. Simply he is the best, he is attentive Helpful.