Breast Augmentation Surgery Hartford, Connecticut

Breast Augmentation surgery was reported as being one of the top five most commonly performed procedures in 2020 in the United States. The procedure is designed to help enhance a patient’s breast size or alter the shape of their breasts with various different types of breast implants.

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast Augmentation surgery is performed to enhance a patient’s breast size and alter the shape of their breasts. There are two main types of breast augmentation surgery including a fat transfer breast augmentation procedure and breast implant surgery. Although fat transfer procedures to the breasts are increasing in popularity, the most popular type of breast augmentation procedure is breast implant surgery. There are various types of breast implants available and they will be inserted into the breast by creating an incision line under the breast.

What are the different types of Breast Implants?

During your consultation with Dr. Markarian, you will be able to discuss the most suitable type of implants for your surgical needs. Breast implants are available in different sizes, shapes, and materials to ensure that the procedure is customized to achieve your ideal result. For example, breast implants can be filled with silicone or saline (a salt-water solution) meaning that the feel of the implant as well as the cost will be different.

These different aspects will significantly alter the results of your procedure so it is important to research the various implant options and spend time considering your ideal result. To find out more information on Breast Implants, you can view our blog on Breast Implants Explained.

Additionally, the most suitable size and shaped implants for your specific body can be advised during your consultation. This is why it is important that all potential breast implant patients have a consultation with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who has extensive experience so you can receive expert advice and information on the benefits of each implant type and any potential risks.

How long do Breast Implants last?

The average length of time that breast implants last is around ten years. However, there is no guarantee that your breast implants will last this long as many factors can result in your implants being removed much earlier than this. However, some patients’ breast implants can last for around 20 years before they need replacing. Since there is no way of predicting the length of time your breast implants will last, patients should be aware before undergoing the procedure that implants are not designed to last forever. Therefore, if patients wish to maintain their results for a long period of time, further procedures will likely be required in the future.

How much is a Breast Augmentation procedure in Hartford, Conneticut?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons state that the total cost of a Breast Augmentation procedure tends to range from $6,000 to $12,000. This is a wide range as there are many factors that can impact the overall cost of your breast augmentation procedure including:

  • Surgery location
  • Surgical expertise
  • Type of anesthesia used
  • Type of implant material
  • Size of implant
  • Additional surgeries such as a breast lift
  • Hospital fees
  • Aftercare products

Therefore, the exact price of your surgery can only be provided after your consultation when the specific factors of your procedure have been determined. For more information on the price of Breast Augmentation surgery and how to finance the procedure, read our blog Breast Augmentation Cost: How Can I Afford it?

Finally, breast augmentation procedures are rarely financed by insurance providers due to the fact they are undertaken for aesthetic reasons. However, some patients who have been impacted by an illness may qualify for partial or full surgical coverage. You should check with your specific insurance provider to find out what your policy covers.

Breast Implant Removal

Since breast implants are not designed to last a lifetime, implant removal is a necessary procedure for most patients. However, it is reported that 41% of Breast Revision surgeries are undertaken because the patient regretted their initial choice of implant. In some cases, patients are unhappy with the result from their first procedure, but in most cases, as the patient gets older their needs change and a different type of implant becomes more suitable. However, it is important that patients spend time considering their implant choice and listen to the advice from their surgeon to increase the likelihood of them remaining happy with their implant choice.

Other patients require their breast implants to be removed as they suffer problems with their implants. Some patients can experience capsular contracture which is where the capsule that forms around the implants contracts and squeezes the implant. For more information on what this is and how to resolve it, you can view our Capsular Contracture treatment page. Additionally, breast implants can also rupture or leak which can alter the shape of the implant, cause discomfort or cause the implant to deflate depending on its material. In these cases, the implants will need to be removed and can be replaced with the same type of implant or another type that is less likely to deflate.

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Any Hartford, Connecticut patients who are considering having a breast augmentation procedure should continue to research the procedure in more detail so they are aware of the recovery process and the potential risks. It is also essential that all patients see a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon for a consultation to ensure their suitability for the procedure and to receive expert advice. Dr. Markarian is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon in Boston who has extensive experience in performing a range of cosmetic procedures.

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