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Nose jobs were the most common procedure performed in the United States in 2020 and the American Society of Plastic Surgery reported that over 352,000 procedures were performed. This is due to the fact that our nose can have a significant impact on our appearance since it is a central facial feature.

What is a Nose Job?

Many patients feel insecure with the size or shape of their nose and desire amendments to their nasal bridge, nasal tip, or nostrils to make their nose more proportional to the rest of their facial features and enhance their confidence. A nose job procedure includes any kind of cosmetic procedure on the nose and is often referred to as nose reshaping surgery. The procedure can be performed using two main techniques: closed rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty. These techniques both create incision lines that are designed to be hidden inside the nostrils and so no external scarring is created.

If you are considering undergoing a nose reshaping procedure it is important to seek the advice of at least one Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who has significant expertise in performing a variety of nose reshaping procedures for a variety of different patients. You can book a consultation with Dr. Markarian to discuss your surgical needs as he has significant experience and expertise in performing a huge variety of nose job procedures.

What are the different Nose Job techniques?

There are many reasons why a patient may decide to have a nose job procedure and so there are numerous techniques available so that each patient can have their specific needs met. Some of the most common aspects that nose job patients desire to have altered include:

Alarplasty– this is a specific nose reshaping procedure that solely alters the aesthetic appearance of a patient’s nostrils. Typically, alarplasty is undertaken to reduce the size or width of a patient’s nostrils so their nose appears smaller. This technique removes a wedge of the nostril to bring them closer together.

Altering the Angle of the Nose– concerns over having an asymmetrical appearance are common reasons for desiring to undergo a nose job procedure. In some cases, the patient feels their nose is ‘wonky’ as it bends to one side and so they desire surgery to help them achieve a straighter appearance.

Augmentation- Although the vast majority of nose job patients desire a smaller nose, some patients wish to enhance the size of their nose or a particular aspect of their nose as they feel it looks too small compared to their other facial features. A graft material is generally used for any augmentations on the nose such as a cartilage graft taken from the patient.

Dorsal Hump Reduction- one of the most common reasons patients decide to have a nose job procedure is because they feel insecure over the size of their dorsal hump. The dorsal hump is the bump that can occur on a patient’s nasal bridge which can cause the nose to look larger or create a hump when they are viewed from the side. Dorsal hump reduction is therefore designed to remove this bump from the nasal bridge so that a flatter and slimmer nose is achieved and the nasal bridge is straighter when viewed from the side.

Septoplasty – some patients suffer from breathing issues and wish to have their breathing enhanced alongside their nose reshaping procedure. Other patients simply undergo surgery on their nose to resolve medical issues such as having a deviated septum which is affecting their breathing. These cases can be resolved or improved by undergoing Septoplasty Surgery. Dr. Markarian is an expert in both aesthetic rhinoplasty procedures and septoplasty surgery.

How much does a Nose Job Cost in Springfield, Massachusetts?

Nose job procedures performed for aesthetic purposes are very rarely covered by insurance providers as they tend to only help finance procedures that are undertaken for medical reasons. This means that the vast majority of nose job patients fund the entire procedure cost themselves and so how much the procedure will cost is a hugely important aspect to research in advance.

The average cost of a nose job ranges from between $6,000 and $15,000 and it is difficult to estimate the exact cost of your particular procedure without seeing a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who can perform an assessment and provide an exact quote for your surgery. The cost of the procedure can vary so significantly as there are many factors that impact the total surgery cost such as the type of nose reshaping techniques performed as various techniques require very different lengths of time and expertise. Additionally, the type of anaesthesia used, surgery location, hospital or operating room charges and the experience and expertise of the surgeon will also all impact the cost.

For more information on how you can pay for your nose job procedure, you can read about the various payment options available for patients outlined in our blog ‘Boston Rhinoplasty Cost: How Can I Afford It?’

How to Choose A Nose Job Surgeon?

Dr. Markarian recommends that anyone who is considering undergoing a nose reshaping procedure should only book consultations with Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. Additionally, all patients should make sure they conduct research into the plastic surgeon’s credentials, expertise, and results of other patients who have undergone the procedure.

Dr. Markarian’s Awards, Certifications, and Educational achievements include:

  • Undergraduate: Biology and Criminology; University of California; Irvine
  • Graduate: MS; Public Health; Epidemiology; Emory University
  • Internship: Public Health; Tufts University School of Medicine
  • Residency: Plastic Surgery; Saint Louis University
  • Fellowship: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery; Harvard University

Dr. Markarian places huge importance on achieving natural-looking results that are harmonious with the rest of the patient’s face. Nose reshaping procedures require incredible attention to detail due to the fact that the smallest alterations in size or angle can drastically impact the result.

Dr. Markarian prides himself on performing nose reshaping procedures that complement his patient’s overall facial appearance. If you are interested in undergoing a nose job in Hartford, Connecticut you can read his reviews or see some of his before and after pictures before booking a complimentary Virtual Consultation.

Nose Job Unveilings

Many patients have waited an extremely long time for their nose job procedure. One of the main reasons Dr. Markarian enjoys performing rhinoplasty surgeries is because of the enormous impact it has on his patients’ lives. You can see how emotional some patients become when they see their reshaped nose for the first time.

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If you are interested in undergoing any type of nose job procedure you should research the various aspects of the surgery so you are aware of the recovery period and the potential risks of undergoing the procedure. Additionally, patients should spend time considering their surgical goals and ideal result. Potential patients should then make sure to book a consultation with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon to have their needs discussed with a professional.

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