To be a bodybuilder, you should build as much muscle as possible across the entire body, including the chest area, even for women. They dedicate significant time to following strict workout schedules to achieve their desired lean muscle structure and low body fat. One part of the body made of fatty tissue is a part of the body that many women feel gives them their femininity: the breasts.

Between the several hours in the gym lifting weights and the meticulous diet dedicated to muscle growth and fat loss, it’s common for women in the bodybuilding industry to lose the fatty tissue in their breasts. You can’t spot reduce fat, and with their extreme diet and exercise routines, they lose fat in practically every part of their body, including their breasts.

There are different types of bodybuilders within the fitness industry who all have very different goals, but many women in the industry are competitive bikini fitness models. Many bikini fitness competitors feel that having some volume in their breasts makes their bodies more aesthetically pleasing and feminine.

Sociologist Maria R. Lowe estimates in her book Woman of Steel that 80 percent of female bodybuilders have undergone breast augmentation, Vice reports. She published this book in 1998, and not much has changed in the industry since.

Another reason female bodybuilders often decide to get breast implants is comments from people calling their bodies “manly” and “not feminine enough.” They believe that no matter how muscular they are, having enhanced breasts will still appear more feminine and conventionally attractive.

Do Breast Implants Interfere With Bodybuilding Lifestyles?

Some women in the fitness industry want to restore the loss of glandular and fatty tissue with breast implants but fear they won’t be able to go as hard in the gym with breast implants. They may consider whether implants will be uncomfortable while lifting weights or whether implants can pop from the pressure during their workouts.

Although there are some minor limitations to fitness activity with breast implants, most patients can work around them and continue to attain their goals. We don’t recommend lifting heavy weights when targeting the pectoralis major or minor muscle specifically because it can cause an increased risk of the implants moving out of their position or possible capsular contracture.

If you are careful around your pectoralis muscles while lifting for fitness competitions, breast implants are safe and won’t interrupt your lifestyle or overall health.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, patients with an active lifestyle are great candidates for breast augmentation, but must take appropriate time away from any form of heavy exercise to allow their bodies to heal properly post-op. We recommend avoiding strenuous exercise altogether for about six weeks to prevent prolonging your recovery and interrupting your results. Once you’re healed, though, limitations are miniscule.

Beyond the competitive aspect of bodybuilding, many women join the fitness industry because being fit increases their confidence, and sometimes female bodybuilders just need some extra enhancement from breast implants to help them feel completely comfortable in their bodies.

What Type of Breast Implants Should Bodybuilders Get?

For best results that complement their muscular physique, we typically recommend female bodybuilders get high-profile silicone implants below the muscle. As a bodybuilder, some benefits of placing your implants submuscular (underneath the muscle) include:

  • The implant is supported, minimizing unnecessary strain on your skin.
  • It decreases the risk of your implants visibly rippling, a condition that could disturb the aesthetics of your body. Bodybuilders may be more likely to experience rippling if placed above the muscle as they don’t have sufficient fatty tissue to conceal the outline of the implant.
  • The implants typically look and feel more natural when placed beneath the muscle.
  • This includes a lower risk of capsular contracture, which occurs when your body rejects the implants, resulting in distorted shape and pain.

Implant sizes for women in the fitness industry vary depending on their desires and the type of bodybuilding to which they dedicate their time. Some women in lean muscle bikini competitions opt for the voluminous dramatic look. While others opt for a subtle, more natural look that simply restores the breast volume they lost due to their lifestyle. When you visit Dr. Markarian for a breast augmentation consultation, he’ll ask about your lifestyle, evaluate your natural frame, and use implant sizers to help you find a size just right for you that you’ll feel comfortable with while doing the activities you love.

When Can Bodybuilders Return To Their Exercise Routines After Breast Augmentation?

We recommend avoiding strenuous workouts for at least six weeks following breast augmentation. Dr. Markarian takes aftercare very seriously and regularly checks in on patients throughout their breast augmentation recovery to ensure they are not suffering complications. Be patient with your body as it takes time to heal, and wait for your doctor’s approval before resuming heavy exercise. 

It may seem like a lengthy time frame to pause your routine, but it’s for your safety and to achieve the most aesthetically appealing results. If you’ve been lifting for several years, you have built enough muscle to withstand a six-week break from the weights without losing too much progress.

Complications that can happen if you attempt to get back into the gym before being fully healed include:

  • Scar tissue formation
  • Capsular contracture
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Hematomas
  • Seromas 

Although it is unsafe to perform extreme workout routines until after six weeks, your doctor may allow you to get back into light exercises. This may include walking on the treadmill if you’re healing correctly at the two-week mark. It is often even encouraged to take short walks around the room now and then during the first couple of weeks of your recovery to help prevent blood clots.

Why Choose Dr. Markarian for Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Mark Markarian in Boston has helped many women from all walks of life and with a wide variety of lifestyles achieve their goals with breast augmentation without stopping them from doing the activities they love. Harvard-trained with over 18 years of experience, safely delivering beautiful breast augmentation results, he would be more than happy to help you enhance your breasts without disrupting your passion for bodybuilding.

If you believe breast implants may help you feel like your best self as a bodybuilder, book a virtual consultation with Dr. Markarian in Boston to discuss how he can help you restore the breast volume lost from your active lifestyle.