Breast Augmentation Surgery Nashoba Valley, MA

Breast Augmentation procedures are one of the most popular surgeries undertaken in America in 2020, as reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgery. The procedures are undertaken by those who feel insecure with their current breast size or wish to restore the volume or size of their breasts as they have changed over time. The different procedure and technique options allow our Nashoba Valley Breast Augmentation patients to customize their procedure and achieve their ideal results.

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery in Nashoba Valley?

Breast Augmentation procedures are performed to enhance the size of the breasts either with fat taken from the patient’s body, or using implants. Both these procedures are undertaken by patients who feel insecure with their current breast size or shape and wish to have the size and projection increased. Additionally, breast augmentation procedures are performed on women who want to restore their breasts after pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, or weight loss has caused them to lose breast volume.

What are the different types of Breast Implants?

Breast Implant surgery is a highly customizable procedure as the implant’s content, shape, position, and volume can all be chosen by the patient to achieve their ideal figure. Even small alterations in any of these factors can make a huge difference in how your results will look.

This flexibility allows for a variety of goals to be achieved as patients who desire to greatly enhance their breast size and projection can choose implants most suitable for this. However, many patients wish to achieve a natural-looking result and so desire a size, shape, and projection which suits the rest of their body. The size of the implant most suitable for your body can be advised during your consultation, as well as what shape and projection would likely look best. This is why it is important to see a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who has extensive experience in performing breast implant surgery. For additional information on Breast Implants, you can view our blog on Breast Implants Explained.

Some patients are certain on the type of implant they desire but it is still important to contact a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon for a consultation so that you can discuss your options and gain expert advice and information on the benefits of each implant type and the associated risks.

What is a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

A Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation uses fat grafts, taken from the patient’s own body, to increase the size of the patient’s breasts. Liposuction is performed on various areas of the body where the patient desires to have excess fat deposits removed such as the abdomen, thighs, back, or arms. The fat collected from these areas is then purified and injected into the breasts to add the desired level of volume.

This procedure tends to be more suitable for patients who desire a more natural-looking result as this technique cannot achieve such drastic size increases as breast implants can. Furthermore, it is essential that patients for this procedure have enough excess fat deposits for liposuction to be safely undertaken.

What is the price of a Breast Augmentation in Nashoba Valley MA?

Generally, patients undergo a breast augmentation procedure to address aesthetic concerns and so it is seen as an elective surgery. This means that most insurance providers will not cover any of the surgical costs since it is not classified as a necessary surgery. However, patients who desire a breast augmentation to restore their breasts after suffering from an illness or disease may be suitable candidates to receive surgical funding from their insurance. You would need to find out from your insurance provider whether you would qualify for any coverage.

The average cost of a breast augmentation procedure is not always a helpful statistic since the price of the procedure will drastically vary depending on the type of implants you choose, where your surgery is performed, and the expertise of your surgeon. However, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the total cost of a Breast Augmentation procedure can range from $6,000 to $12,000. This cost does not necessarily include all the additional surgical costs such as anesthetic or hospital fees. To receive accurate information on how much your desired breast augmentation procedure will likely cost you should visit a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon.

For information regarding financing the procedure yourself in more manageable payments, you can read our Plastic Surgery Financing Page, or for further information regarding the prices and financing options for a breast augmentation procedure, you can view our blog Breast Augmentation Cost: How Can I Afford It?

Breast Implant Removal

There are three main reasons why patients tend to have their breast implants removed, these include medical reasons, a change of mind, or because the implants need replacing.

Frequently, patients desire to have their breast implants removed and often replaced because they have changed their minds about the breast implants they initially chose. Having breast implant surgery is a big decision and many regret the choice they made years ago as they no longer fit with their aims or ideal figure now. It is reported that 41% of Breast Revision surgeries are performed on patients who regretted their initial choice of implant. There is no way to guarantee that the type of breast implant you choose will continue to fit your needs in the future but gaining expert advice from a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon can help ensure your implants suit your body and aims.

Other patients are happy with their breast implant surgery but require to have their implants removed or replaced as their implants have leaked or caused medical issues. The main medical reason breast augmentation patients require their implants to be removed is because they are suffering from capsular contracture. This is where the capsule that forms around the implants contracts and squeezes the implant. If you believe you may be suffering from this, you may want to consider a Capsular Contracture treatment.

Ultimately breast implants are not designed to last forever and tend to need removing or replacing after around 10-20 years. Many patients choose to replace their implants with similar ones to their original implants while others opt for a smaller size or decide not to have new implants inserted. Breast implants can be removed at any time by undergoing another surgical procedure to remove the implants.

Should I have a Breast Lift and Augmentation?

This is a common question that many breast augmentation patients ask since their concerns often regard both their breast size and position. If you have concerns over increasing your breast volume and over your breasts sagging or looking droopy as a result of aging, pregnancy, or weight loss a breast lift procedure with a breast augmentation could be most suitable to address these concerns. It is advisable to undergo the two procedures together rather than have the two surgeries performed separately as the cost will be reduced and you will only have one recovery period.

During your consultation, Dr. Markarian can help to advise on your suitability to undergo both procedures and provide you with additional information on what undergoing a Breast Lift alongside a Breast Augmentation involves. If you are considering either a Breast Augmentation procedure in Nashoba Valley or a Breast Augmentation with a Breast Lift, then you should book a consultation with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon that specializes in these procedures.

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Anyone considering undergoing a cosmetic procedure should carry out research on the specific surgery they wish to have done and spend time considering their surgical goals. If you are interested in getting a Nashoba Valley Breast Augmentation procedure you should book consultations with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons who have expertise in breast surgeries.

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